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Horrific California Fire Leaves Neighborhoods Destroyed

2017-10-11 1,269 Dailymotion

Our world is in a state of devastation at the moment, with everything going on there is no doubt Mother Nature is hurting. From hurricanes to wildfires, planet earth just can't seem to catch a break. The morning of October 9, residents of Sonoma and Napa county were forced to evacuate their homes when a fire swept through their lands. This fire destroyed neighborhoods, wineries and local businesses making this firestorm one of the worst in California's history.

Here is an inside look at one of the neighborhoods affected by the devastation. A neighborhood in Santa Rosa, in which, the family members of RightThisMinute's Jack Moran have called this place home for many years. If you'd like to support the community at this time, you can donate to the Santa Rosa Fire Recovery GoFundMe account.