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Graffiti - Rake43 - Color Explosion

This time I collect cans that other writers throw and use them to fill my piece. In the end, using also cans of mine, I make a piece with many colors. I hope you like ...

2017-03-28 08:15 447,413 YouTube


In the spirit of street art, rhodium-plated numerals intertwine on the white lacquer dial of the new limited-edition J12 watch. Limited to 1200 pieces. Discover more ...

2017-06-23 00:52 3,749 YouTube $20 Graffiti Marker Set

Buy these graffiti supplies here: Empty Press N Go marker Empty Drip Mop: ...

2017-06-24 13:09 3,681 YouTube

ᴴᴰ Mickey Mouse Babies Graffiti on the Face Minnie Funny Story! Finger Family Song Nursery Rhymes

ᴴᴰ Mickey Mouse Babies Graffiti on the Face Minnie Funny Story! Finger Family Song Nursery Rhymes ☆ Welcome to my Channel: Super Junior TV ▻ Watch ...

2017-06-24 10:04 11,603 YouTube


It is now easy to find a good legal wall for a graffiti painting. Espacially in a public place. I fixed this problem with a foil. I think that this is a completely legal way ...

2017-04-02 09:28 626,551 YouTube

WALL TRIP - EPISODE 02 - Tsunami Graffiti

Artist : Tsunami Graffiti (Sambre et Eyes B) (Spay l Brussels)WEB DOC l 8 mn l French + English subtitlesJoin us / Rejoignez nous : 01 | Tsunami Graffiti (Sambre et Eyes B) (Brussels) | JANUARY 26th| Subtitles : EnglishFirst stop in Belgium to meet up with the Tsunami Graffiti crew (Eyes B & Sambre) Brussels graffiti activists.Their paintings stand out with very particular style and techniques.Tsunami is a good name for them, they pierce spray cans,let t...

2013-01-21 08:37 17,800 Dailymotion

Pfizer: Graffiti

2008-09-16 01:30 99,181 Dailymotion

Le graffiti de l'artiste Sofles prend vie pendant la nuit

L'artiste australien Sofles a réalisé un incroyable graffiti qui s'anime pendant la nuit sur le mur d'un bâtiment. Dans le cadre de la "White Night Melbourne" , le graffeur australien a peint ce gigantesque graffiti en noir et blanc capable de s'animer dans la nuit grâce au procédé de mapping vidéo. Des dizaines d'effets visuels se joignent alors à cette géante fresque à l'aide de projecteurs pour laisser place à un spectacle visuel unique qui a attiré de nombreux curieux....

2015-03-01 03:36 40,571 Dailymotion

Graffiti Artist Is Changing The Way People See Street Art

Okpunkolo Osa is hoping his new colorful murals on the streets of Lagos will help Nigerians to see street art in a positive light....

2017-06-06 01:36 572 Dailymotion